How to create a simple podcast for your church/organisation using @anchor

One of the first things I did in response to the coronavirus pandemic was to launch a daily podcast. All a podcast is is a voice recording that is put online. You do not need any special equipment to listen to a podcast apart from access to the internet. A friend who runs the fab Vegan Friendly Soap Shop (please order soap from her!) recommended free app for creating a simple podcast. All you need is a smartphone (android or iphone), or a laptop or a tablet.

Here is a short video below explaining how to set up a podcast, if you want to see what I’ve done with mine visit

Once you’ve created an episode you can share the link on your church Facebook page, on Twitter and you can ’embed’ it into your church website (click on the episode in the dashboard and click on the embed button, this copies the code, and then paste that code into your page on your website). Here’s an example:

This is a really good thing to do as it is free and just captures your voice so is especially good if you hate seeing yourself on camera. You might want to use it for morning and evening prayer or for recording your sermons. Have fun with it and let me know if you have any questions.



  1. Many thanks for this Bryony Will try it out later.
    Could be a great tool to create podcasts to send to our trustees and charity supporters
    We raise funds to support grassroots development projects in Southern Africa -SA and Zimbabwe currently, seeking to give a chance in life to some.
    The situation there is SO MUCH MORE challenging than we experience here. And there are wonderful people there seeking to uplift some of the poorest.
    GOD BLESS YOU Tonia Tonia Cope Bowley Sent from my iPhone


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