Being church online – a guide for clergy and other church leaders

I am going to publish a series of blog posts outlining how I’ve been trying to do church online – click on the banner above to go to my home page and you’ll see all the latest articles there, here are the first two:

How to create a podcast

How I prerecorded my Sunday service

This is very much a process of trial and error and we will get things wrong, but we must remember that our main role is to be faithful to our calling, not to be whizzy with technology! With this in mind, let me encourage you with an image that came to me when praying last week:

I had an image of all the boats that went to Dunkirk in WWII. I feel like all our parishes/communities we represent are like those 800 odd private boats that were sent for the rescue effort. Some were big boats, some little, some had a lot of power, others were sail boats. The small boats didn’t spend their time wishing they were bigger, they just went and did what they could.

We are simply called to be faithful. Some of us can do flashy stuff with live streaming, some of us can spend all day on the landline to elderly people who need a call. Let’s not play the comparison game. Let’s all work with what we have, not pine for what we don’t. God is using you where you are and your faithfulness to Him is all that’s important. Be encouraged!


So golden rules:

  • don’t try and run before you can walk
  • do what you can with the resources you have and don’t play the comparison game
  • link to other people’s resources – such as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Sunday Services on the radio and Cathedral live streaming
  • Create content that works for your people (ie. don’t use Zoom if it would be a big task teaching people how to use it in the first place)
  • Keep it simple


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