My simple guide to Twitter

One of my favourite tools for learning is Twitter. It’s quite hard to get your head around twitter and see what its benefits might be. I have created a 3 part series to try and tackle this problem and explain in plain English how it works.

I produced a popular 4 part guide in 2010, the parts of which are still viewable here on Slideshare. I have now re-worked my original guide into 3 parts. I have reduced the number of parts because Twitter itself as a platform has got a lot better at guiding you through how it works when you sign up. So here it is. Also below are two youtube videos – one  is a tour of the ‘connect’ section of Twitter and the other is a guide to dealing with spam on Twitter. These guides were produced in July 2013.

Part 1 – why bother with Twitter?

This is a presentation designed for those who think Twitter is not for them and is just a load of celebrities talking about nonsense

Part 2 – setting up a Twitter Profile

This is a simple guide to setting up your profile on Twitter, choosing a name etc.

Part 3 – a short tour of Twitter

This looks at the key parts of Twitter and its terminology –  including an explanation of hashtags

Please feel free to share these with friends, download and use them for yourself and let me know what you think!

What the ‘connect’ tab is all about on Twitter

How to deal with spam on Twitter


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