A simple guide to the new Facebook timeline feature

Part of the big changes introduced by Facebook in the last couple of weeks has been the new ‘timeline’. This is not yet (at the time of writing) rolled out officially to all users but it will be very soon. You can actually enable this new feature early, if you’re adventurous, by following these instructions from Mashable. I went in and enabled this new feature and had a play with it so that I could show you what it’s like.

People seemed a bit scared by the changes launched by Facebook last week. This new change to the profile is radical and might frighten people again. It is simply a different way of thinking about your Facebook profile and in my opinion it gives you far more control than you used to have over who sees what and how it all looks.

Social media is constantly changing, just like any technology. TVs have changed from black and white to colour, to getting remote control to widescreen, dolby surround sound, Freeview, HD and now 3D. Facebook is the same, it will keep changing, whether you like it or not! Change can be challenging but don’t be afraid.

If you decide you really don’t like this new version of Facebook there are other social networks you can use. I can recommend Google+, Diaspora and Twitter.

Here is my simple tour. I haven’t covered absolutely everything but I hope you find this a useful introduction. You will find it easier to read if you show it in full screen mode – click on the arrows in the bottom right of the screen. As ever, feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Here is a short video introduction from Facebook:

Here are some other useful articles on the Facebook Timeline:

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