Simple guides to social media

Most social media tools and websites rely on the user to ‘play’ with them to work out how they work. This is all very well for those of us used to experimenting with technology but can be very daunting to those new to it. Below is a series of simple guides I have created to help demystify the internet and social media.

Twitter is one tool that many find difficult to understand. Last year I created this short 4 part guide to getting started with Twitter – I hope you find it useful! Below are my more generic tips on social media.

I am happy to offer 1:1 support and ‘social media surgeries‘ – get in touch with me by email.

What is social media and what could it do for me?

This is a short 30 minute course that introduces social media. Press play to hear the audio commentary.

A short video on creating a personalised homepage on the internet

How to share articles on the internet on social media

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