Event marketing & blogging

I can provide advice and undertake marketing for events and conferences. I am an avid blogger and tweeter and am available for live blogging of conferences. Recently I live blogged the National Learning Platforms Conference 2011: http://frog2011.posterous.com/.

I can advise you on use of hashtags, tweeting at a conference itself, sharing those tweets on big screens and help you to analyse the ‘back channel’ of conversation on a topic or from conference tweets.

I am currently promoting a local church event, Pudsey Wedding Fayre, on Twitter and Facebook. Visit the website to see more: http://pudseyweddingfayre.co.uk/

I can also give guidance and advice on choosing a blogging platform, creating a blog and promoting it. To see a variety of my own blogs, please visit: http://about.me/bryonytaylor

Most famously I ran a twitter experiment in March 2010 using the hashtag #learning3 to undertake research at the same time as organise a high profile event in just 4 weeks! Here’s an outline of how I did it:

Using Twitter to organise an event

Blog posts relevant to conferences and marketing:

Learning 3.0 – join the collaboration experiment!

A twitter tool for conferences – wiffiti

How to help new users stay engaged on Twitter

My 5 favourite websites/tools

10 reasons why Twitter is great for conferences

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