About me


This is the first blog I ever set up and is the place where I blog about personal stuff that I’m into – my spiritual walk, music, film, books, social media and other random stuff.

Read this posting to see why I’ve put all this on one blog! So here I am. I’m very flattered that you’re even reading this!

I am an ordinand in the Anglican church – trainee vicar in lay-speak! I will be training at Cranmer Hall, Durham from October 2012 for two academic years.

To see the other places I inhabit online please visit http://about.me/bryonytaylor


  1. Hello Bryony,
    How are you getting on with the reading. My name is Merry and I shall be starting in Durham as an ordinand this Autumn too. I have read a few of the books, would you recommend the Ministry in Three Dimentions as I see you have read it? Also, hello and I look forward to meeting you in the near future! (Scarey!) 🙂


      • Hi Merry! Thanks for commenting. To be honest I haven’t started denting this list yet! I would recommend Ministry in 3 Dimensions – really helped me understand the orders: deacon, priest & bishop and how they inter-relate. Look forward to meeting you, exciting stuff! Bryony x


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