Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul – 5 December

Behind today’s window is a prayer.

The Mothers’ Union have a campaign running this month called 16 Days of Activism to tackle gender-based violence around the world. Find out more about this campaign here:

We prayed as part of this at our Mothers’ Union Advent Carol Service yesterday. It felt very appropriate to me to have prayers about this during this season when we remember a young teenage girl pregnant out of wedlock and the impact that must have had on her and her community’s response (perhaps that’s why Mary went to stay with Elizabeth to escape a violent response?)

Pray with me:

God of love,
unlock the secrets
and release from shame
all those broken by sexual violence.

God of love,
unlock the taboos
and release the truth
for all those afraid to speak up.

God of love,
unlock the hurt
and release from pain
all those who need to be healed.

We pray in the name of the one
whose transformational touch
healed and brought new life. Amen

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