My bit of research for the General Election – manifesto word clouds #GE2015

This General Election is definitely the most interesting I have experienced as an adult since the first election I voted in when I was a student in 1997 when Labour won their landslide victory.

There are a number of tools out there to help you to decide who to vote for. Here are some I’ve found helpful:

Vote for Policies

Position Dial

Who should you vote for?

And, if you really don’t want David Cameron as your Prime Minister on 8th May, you can try this vote swap site to vote tactically.

Whatever you do, do use your vote (even if it is to spoil the ballot paper), 9m suffragettes marched for the right to vote a hundred years ago, countless people around the world are still fighting for the same right. This year’s election outcome is going to be really interesting – go on, use your vote, see what happens!

All the main party manifestos are out now so I decided to use brilliant free tool to create a word cloud for each manifesto. The larger the word the more times it is used. I have to say, I was surprised by the lack of the word immigration in the UKIP one. The Liberal Democrat one seems to be the most streamlined. Unsurprisingly, the Conservative one has the word ‘continue’ in it rather a lot – wanting us to vote for them to continue what they started. I quite enjoyed the fact that it was the Tories and not Labour that had the word ‘new’ a lot! The Green party manifesto is focused a lot on ‘everyone’ and ‘people’. The UKIP manifesto is full of negative words like ‘ridiculed’, ‘scrapped’ and ‘cowardice’. The Labour party manifesto includes the words ‘better’ and ‘communities’ and the word ‘economy’ is used almost as much as ‘working’. It’s a rather crude measure but still interesting to see which words each party is most preoccupied with:

Conservative Party Manifesto 2015
Word cloud of the Conservative Party Manifesto 2015
Green party manifesto 2015
Word cloud of the Green Party manifesto 2015
Labour Manifesto 2015
Word cloud of the Labour Party manifesto 2015
Libdem Manifesto 2015
Word cloud of the Liberal Democrat manifesto 2015
UKIP Manifesto 2015
Word cloud of the UKIP manifesto 2015



You have a couple more days to register to vote here.

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