Advent Lucky Dip – the best of the last few years on my blog

This year I am really busy with my studies and preparing to move house etc so I have given myself a break on the Advent blogging front. The last few years I have enjoyed writing an Advent blog and meditating on the coming of Christ in more depth at what can often be a crowded out season.

So I thought I might just point you to some of my favourite articles I’ve written in previous years – treat it like a lucky dip – click on a heading that takes your fancy:

O Morning Star!
I love you, I love you, I love you!
Drawing from the wells of salvation
It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming
The beacons are lit
The monkey trap
Make everything OK
Be prepared
This will blow your mind
Welcome to the family
The two times we should praise God
Our God, heaven cannot hold him
Are you satisfied?
Do not be afraid


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