31 Days with St Ignatius – Day 14: Prayer for Professionals

I want what You want, O Lord. By asking You for guidance with complete confidence and faith that You are helping me, nothing that I am called upon to do becomes ???too much??? or ???too bothersome.??? Nor is there any room for worry.

I will find it easy to ask You each day to be a partner in my work???to help me get things done???to weigh my actions and decisions in the light of ???is this right???? ???is this just???? ???is this doing Your will????

With Your help I will make decisions better and faster, knowing that You will not lead me astray. I will have confidence that, by wanting what You want, I need not worry about the outcome. So I will live my life, knowing that it is Your will that I accomplish.

From Finding God in All Things: A Marquette Prayer Book ?? 2009 Marquette University Press. Used with permission.

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In my experience, praying in the workplace – before meetings, sending emails etc. can have an amazing effect! I’m always amazed that I forget to do it!

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