Jervaulx Abbey – a haunting Cair Paravel


We’ve just visited the ruins of Jervaulx Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales. The ruins are privately owned and are overgrown and lack the ‘tidy’ appearance of those ruins owned by English Heritage or the National Trust.

Our guidebook had suggested visiting either early in the morning or early evening. We arrived at about 5pm and the quality of light was just stunning.

It’s an eerie place, very difficult to describe. However, Baz and I both felt that it was like the beginning of the book Prince Caspian when the Pevensie children are once again in Narnia and are walking around a ruin when it slowly dawns on them that it’s Cair Paravel – their palace – centuries later. This abbey evoked similar feelings. It’s well worth a visit and the guidebook’s recommendation for the time to visit is great.

Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone and then slightly improved on using a free Photoshop app (I forgot to bring my proper camera on holiday!)

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