Object #31 small clay tablet with Egyptian style cow in relief. Is it genuinely old? Can you help me identify it?


UPDATE from my Dad

Bryony, the Egyptian tablet IS genuine. I thought it lost. An old lady gave it to me when I was 13. Her brother had been a monk in Cairo. I dropped it several years later and it broke in two so I glued it back together. The British Museum would be horrified. I think it portrays the goddess Hathor. Hang on to it! 

I have absolutely no idea where I got this. I just found it in the jewellery box. Any idea what it is? It looks like it could be ancient but it could be a replica thing I bought on a trip to a museum. It’s broken, I’ve put a few pics on here to see if someone can tell me what it is.

To stay on the theme of my own history, I’ve always had a fascination with ancient history. In a school book from when I was six I wrote:

“if I were an explorer, I would visit Egypt and discover the pyramids. But Egypt has already been found”.

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