Let the right one in – (Dir. Tomas Alfredson, 2008) – review

Film Review 4.5/5

I seem to be loving all things Swedish at the moment (although I still don’t like going to Ikea)!

This is a stunning film. Subtle, beautiful and disturbing.

Oskar is a lonely boy who is bullied at school. A strange man moves in next door accompanied by a young girl of twelve. As Oskar is playing on his own in the yard in front of his flats, the girl suddenly appears on the climbing frame and promptly tells him she cannot be friends with him.

In the town, strange things are happening, people are being murdered by being hung upside down and bled…

Each shot is beautiful and held for longer than a normal Hollywood-style movie. The film is also much more slowly paced than we are used to but this just adds to the eerieness and tension.

This is a ‘vampire’ movie like no other. In fact, it’s best not to think of it as that. This is in a class of its own. Brilliant.

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