Ukuleles rock!

I just wanted to post a little evangelical post about how great ukuleles are. Playing my ukulele never fails to cheer me up, it’s something about the key they’re in which just forces out a smile. Even playing Creep by Radiohead on it is jolly!

Ive got a green one!
I've got a green one!

If you want to buy one they come pretty cheap (about £20) and it’ll be the best £20 you’ve spent all year! My first uke was the mahalo brand (pictured) and it has a gorgeous tone and comes in a really cute carry bag. I’ve graduated to a posher one but part of me prefers the cheap one!

There are tonnes of videos on youtube that you can use to teach yourself ukulele. Don’t bother with a book. Online is the place to be for learning the uke!

The best ukulele sites I use all the time are: – Ukulele Hunt – brilliant downloadable pdfs – I’ve printed them all off and they’re in my own ukulele songbook! – for Christian worship on the ukulele!

I’m thinking of learning some kids worship songs on the uke to use at Church.


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