Teaching and Learning

Over the last 4 years I have been focused on professional development for teachers, tutors and trainers with a special interest in the use of technology for learning.

I can run workshops for teachers on how to use technology in the classroom and beyond and also create learning resources to bring lessons alive.

Here are some examples of my work in this area.

Research I commissioned into the use of technology in the lifelong learning sector

Introduction to social media and its use in teaching and learning

Technology and teacher educators – what do we know?

This is a presentation I gave at Newcastle College at an FE teacher training conference.

Frog’s School Improvement Programme

In early 2011 I worked as an Education Consultant at Frogtrade to help develop a new online tool for schools to help them get the most out of technology. Developing the programme involved running a pilot with secondary schools around England. Here is a video (in which I am featured – *cringe*) that gives an overview of the programme I helped to develop. I include it here to give you a flavour of the kind of work I can do.

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