A very incomplete list of churches on Facebook (mainly UK)

Here is a constantly growing and certainly not definitive list of churches that are on Facebook (mostly from the UK). Thank you to all my friends on Twitter and Facebook who helped me to get this list going! If you have one to add please add a comment on this page. Thanks.

In no particular order:

Gateway Church Swindon

St John’s with St Mary’s Mansfield

St Michael Le Belfrey York

St Andrew’s Church High Wycombe

Ripon Cathedral

St James Finchampstead

All Saints and St Andrew’s Huntingdon

St Dunstan’s Church, Parish of Cheam

St Andrew’s Watford

St John’s Stanmore (group)

All Saints, Penarth (group)

SPC Peebles

St Michael’s Discoed (profile, not page)

Sheffield Cathedral (profile, not page)

Latimer Minster (profile, not page)

Elmwood Church, Salford

Spellow Lane Church (profile, not page)

West Auckland Community Church

Grace Community Llandeilo

Trinity St Andrew’s

Vineyard Church Sutton

St George’s Church, Leeds

St John’s Ben Rhydding

Frontline Church Liverpool


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