What are you doing for Lent? 5 bright ideas

Lent is a season of spiritual spring cleaning, a chance to try and get closer to God. Perhaps you’ve been wondering what you might do for Lent this year. Here are a few hopefully easy to do suggestions:

Watch the TV series The Chosen

I’ve just started watching this excellent series about the life of Jesus. It is available for free to watch online at https://new.thechosen.tv/ or you can download the app – I managed to download the app to my TV – if you have a smart tv, go to the app store and search ‘the chosen app’ and it will come up and there are 3 series to watch for free. If that sounds too fiddly, if you have Netflix, season 1 is available there and if you have Amazon Prime Video, season 2 is available there. I am already finding it very nourishing of my faith, it comes highly recommended!

Read through one of the Gospels

Choose a gospel to read through during Lent. If you would rather hear it read, download the free YouVersion Bible App to your smart phone and select the NIV version of the bible, press play and David Suchet will read it to you! (Make sure you choose the anglicised version).

Take a photo a day

Try the Rethink Church photo a day challenge – it gives you a bible verse to read each day and challenges you to take a photo inspired by the verse and share it on social media.

Walk a Prayer Labyrinth

Prayer labyrinth with people walking it outside Clowne Parish Church
Prayer Labyrinth at Clowne

We just created a Prayer Labyrinth at our church in Clowne (postcode S43 4AZ). Prayer labyrinths are an ancient way to slow down, be present to one’s surroundings and seek to connect with God. Maybe you can find one to walk near you? Or perhaps you can set aside some time to go on a meditative walk with God?


“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

― Anne Lamott

Find a way to unplug, maybe put your mobile phone in a different room for part of the day, or set aside 10 minutes of uninterrupted time each day. Whatever works for you, try and unplug.

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