Letter to Mark Fletcher MP on the alleged lockdown ‘parties’ at No 10

Just wrote this to my MP. Feel free to use some of my wording if you wish to do the same. I always use this website for writing to my MP as they record what response your MP makes: https://www.writetothem.com/

Dear Mark Fletcher,

The last time I wrote to you was to express my disappointment and anger at the flagrant breaking of the rules of Dominic Cummings over Easter 2020. I am writing again to express my not only disappointment and anger but also disgust at the news of various ‘parties’ which appear to have been held at the centre of Government, Number 10 itself during the lockdown of 2020.

Looking back at my diary at what I was doing in late May 2020 I can see that the day after the alleged BYOB party on 20th May 2020 I took the funeral of a 74 year old woman who had died of cancer. The funeral could not take place in a church and had to solely be conducted by the graveside. The mourners had to stand at a distance and so many could not hear the words I was saying as we laid this woman to rest. Nobody could hug one another. The grief was stark. I did a similar such funeral for a gentleman the following day.

This news of these serious breaches during lockdown has destroyed any confidence I might previously have had in our government and in its integrity, particularly with the Prime Minister who appears to have lied and obfuscated throughout the period of the pandemic.

Public trust has been broken, what can you do on our behalf to restore our confidence? Please speak up in the house as my representative and help us to return to government with integrity that puts the needs of the people first.

Yours sincerely,

Rev’d Bryony Taylor, Rector of Barlborough and Clowne

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