Telly Vicars – are they all idiots or rogues? Interviews with The Guardian and on Jeremy Vine – listen here

Having written More TV Vicar? in 2015 I regularly get asked to comment on the portrayal of vicars on the TV. At a recent speech to farmers, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said:

he had “got into” watching Clarkson’s Farm on television during the pandemic.

He told the audience: “Maybe for you watching Jeremy Clarkson feels a bit like for me watching anything with a vicar in it. Either you can’t stand it or you get completely addicted. I generally find depictions of vicars on TV to be depressing – they are portrayed as rogues or idiots … the reality is very different – it is actually of hard-working normal people, caring deeply about what they do and working all the hours there are to do it.”

You can read my response to this story in The Guardian here:

I was also interviewed by Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 and you can here the short interview here:

Interview on BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show 25-11-21

I really had wanted to mention one of the best recent portrayals on TV and that is the vicar in This Country, check out this clip:

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