Video guide: Overview of digital tools I have used for worship during the pandemic

Digital Church Webinar 7: Digital Tools for Digital Church

This is a version of a presentation I gave at a Premier Digital Webinar on Wednesday 1st July about Digital Church. In it I take you through the tools I’ve discovered during lock down and how I use them to create dial a sermon and prerecorded worship.


  1. Hi Bryoney. Enjoyed your contribution to the Premier Radio webinar recently. I’ve been running zoom church here in Pattishall for our vicar and yesterday we had our first service back in church. I set up a live stream on YouTube but It failed after 15 mins despite plenty of testing beforehand. I’m looking to get some tech help from someone, especially on YouTube Live. Could you put me in touch with someone?
    Thanks in anticipation.


  2. hi bryony i’ve just downloaded obs, could you do a video or email me how to set up the live streaming please?


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