How to use free software OBS Studio to prerecord or live stream your church services – a simple guide

Hello chums, I’ve been learning a bit more the things you can do with OBS Studio (click link to download this software to your computer) you may wish to watch my other video first if you haven’t used this software yet: How to do Facebook Live with the liturgy on screen simultaneously (using free software @obsproject) 

I’ve discovered how to have an image or video playing before your service starts and also at the end so that you can make your online services run a bit more smoothly (no more walking up to the webcam and trying to click ‘end live video’ while everyone’s got a view of your nostrils!) So here I explain how and it is remarkably easy to do (I promise, I only just learnt how to do this myself).

Notices Facebook (1)

I mention in the video how I use to create all my posters, photos and videos for church advertising – it’s an amazing graphic design tool, I really recommend it. For example I used it to make this:


Here’s the video itself, just work through the steps I outline here and you should be up and running in no time. NB: you can use this for live streaming OR prerecording. I have now discovered that this is the quickest way to prerecord a Sunday service and takes very little editing time up!

To see an example of how I used OBS to do my notices live on Sunday watch this:


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