Pulpit Panic – crowdsourcing our sermons on Twitter! Follow @pulpitpanic

Last night I had a great twitter conversation after asking for people’s takes on this week’s Gospel reading from Luke 10:38-end – the story of Jesus’ visit to the house of Martha and Mary.

The conversation got so involved and so many helpful things were shared I decided to start a new twitter account called Pulpit Panic! Each week I will post the Gospel reading set for the week (from the Revised Common Lectionary) asking for people’s ideas, links, jokes, images and will share and retweet them. I will try also each week to collate all the thoughts and post them on my blog here. You can follow the latest posts by clicking on Pulpit Panic in the menu on this blog. The aim is to help those of us who preach to share thoughts and ideas using the best of Twitter.

If you’re not preaching on the Gospel reading but on something else, tweet @pulpitpanic and we’ll share that too for ideas.

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