Talking about Hild of Whitby on Britain’s Easter Story BBC One (broadcast at 9.10am Easter Day 21st April)

Me with presenter Gareth Malone by the cross of St Hild outside St Mary’s Church Whitby

Before I got the call to go on BBC Breakfast to talk about Fleabag, I was invited to take part in a new two part documentary presented by Gareth Malone called Britain’s Easter Story. The documentary explores stories, traditions and music associated with Easter from all around Britain. Part of the programme to be shown on Easter Day is looking at the Synod of Whitby – at which the date of Easter was debated, overseen by Hild of Whitby who followers of my blog will know is my favourite saint.

So I was filmed at Whitby being interviewed by Gareth Malone about why I feel Hild is a true saint for our times. I also talk a little bit about my ordination stole created by my dad.

The programme I am in will be broadcast on BBC One at 9.10am on Easter Sunday morning and will be available on the BBC iPlayer after that.

The segment will be about 2 mins long in an hour long programme, so slightly blink and you’ll miss me!

I know, I know:


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