Living without gravity – Commander Chris Hadfield

On the Today programme yesterday I listened to astronaut Chris Hadfield being interviewed about his experiences of living without gravity on a space station and his new book An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth. It’s worth listening to the whole interview.

A couple of the things he said really struck me:

Speaking about living weightlessly he said: “When you remove one enormous, otherwise unavoidable influence, you have to rethink even the little subtle things”

What if we imagined that this is what happens when our sins are forgiven?

“Robots don’t appreciate anything. Everywhere on earth, where we truly want to understand something, we go ourselves, it’s the human experience that matters.”

We could get robots to do a lot of things for us, but we don’t. It’s worth asking why. I think Chris Hadfield might be onto something – ‘”it’s the human experience that matters”.

ISS-34 Chris Hadfield juggles some tomatoes

Food for thought eh?

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