My new tumblr blog: songs evoking scripture

One of my many blogs that I incorporated into this one was called the Unknown God blog. This consists of a collection of things I’ve found from popular culture that for me speak of God in some way – there is a real mixture of art, film, books and music on there. One of my passions in life is music – mainly of the alternative variety but my tastes are reasonably eclectic. I often find that music moves me more than other art forms and often songs I listen to make me think of particular bible passages, they either directly relate to specific verses, they evoke the mood of a passage or sometimes they illustrate the point of a passage. Sometimes the reverse happens. I decided to create a Tumblr blog to share these as I’m simply sharing music videos and the scriptures I think they relate to. The simplicity of tumblr works well for something like this. You can find this new blog here:

I hope it becomes a resource for me but also perhaps for you. These songs could be used in all sorts of ways: to introduce a bible study, as an intro or outro to an alternative church service, for your own quiet time, in a sermon…Be blessed!

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