Posterous is closing 30 April 2013. Sad to see this excellent blogging platform go.

So blogging platform Posterous is closing down. I’ve used Posterous for a few years and have had a number of small blogs using the platform on different themes. For some time I have wondered whether it’s better to have a single presence online rather than the multiple blogs I’ve managed to create over the years. Last year I merged my ‘personal’ blog with my ‘professional’ one into the site you are reading now.


I’m really sad to see Posterous go, I’ve found it really easy to use and it was always the platform I recommended for teachers and trainers to use with students to create a workplace portfolio. It was fun and simple – WordPress is a bit fancier. So here’s a fond farewell – I’ll miss you Posterous!

Posterous are providing the option to download an xml file of all your data. If you have a WordPress or squarespace account you can easily import all your posts across. If you are looking for a new blogging platform I would really recommend WordPress. The instructions for importing from Posterous into WordPress are here.

I have imported some of my posterous sites to this blog.


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