Social media for scared ordinands

When I told my fellow students at Cranmer Hall & the Wesley Study Centre that I’ve been working as a social media trainer, lots of them asked if I could help them with twitter and facebook. So today I ran a very short introduction to these networks and also asked for some help from my friends on twitter (see below).

Thanks to Pru for letting us use the Wesley Study Centre today!

I mentioned that UK Online Centres is a great organisation that helps people get online for the first time, a lot are based in libraries. So if there are people in congregations who aren’t yet ready for social media this should be your first port of call!

Here is the advice I got from my twitter friends on the use of twitter both in general and in ministry terms:

  1. vahva
    I’m running a session on twitter for fellow students today – please tweet me your tips & stories – especially the use of twitter in ministry
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 02:09:51
  2. metalvicar
    @vahva couple of things: a) be yourself on twitter – in both the senses of ‘being real’ but being a person ‘con-formed to Christ’; 1/2
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 02:13:11
  3. metalvicar
    @vahva 2) don’t buy into a ghetto mentality – the power of twitter is conversations with opponents/’enemies’ not just mates
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 02:14:14
  4. metalvicar
    @vahva 3) be prepared for the extraordinary – cannot say how many conversations I’ve had with unexpected folk about faith etc on here
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 02:15:04
  5. changingworship
    @vahva I have found friends. I have found fellow pilgrims. I have discovered what is important to people. I’ve met people (real ones…IRL).
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 04:00:36
  6. changingworship
    @vahva practically, I have managed to do twice as much work in half the time because of twitter. No point reinventing the wheel.
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 04:01:10
  7. changingworship
    @vahva I’ve been involved in collaborations with people I’d never have met IRL. Over vast distances. And I’ve had coffee with you. All good
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 04:02:58
  8. nathancobb
    @vahva Share what you know – the more you share with others, the more likely they are to share with you – we all win 🙂
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 03:54:47
  9. gilllunn
    @vahva someone said and it might even have been you – share a bit of yourself as well so people see a whole person rather than just a bit
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 02:11:56
  10. jonrainer
    @vahva Being genuine is much better than being witty, both is ideal but prioritise the former, particularly in environments like Twitter.
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 08:27:55
  11. watfordgap
    @vahva It’s about conversations and sharing. Being responsive and building communities and conversations and kittens (and beer). That do?
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 08:17:22

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