This is how to do an email newsletter – brilliant stuff from @sharecreative

I don’t know about you but I’m signed up to a stupid number of email newsletters! Most of them I delete straight away without reading but there is one newsletter in particular that I even look forward to and it comes every week on a Tuesday. The company is Share Creative (the brilliant people behind the fantastic EasterLIVE project). They have a weekly email newsletter that they describe as ‘a weekly email to inspire and inform you’ and for my money they achieve that every week!

Here is a screenshot of a recent edition:

Screenshot of Shared - the weekly email newsletter from Share Creative

Why does it work?

  • Each week there are just 6 key stories – not too much, not too little
  • The stories are a mixture of something funny, very current news stories and quirky articles
  • Each story is illustrated by an image and a title – there is no more text to read
  • It takes 20 seconds or less for me to digest and see if there is something of interest – if there isn’t I just wait for next week’s edition

I think anyone who wants to use email marketing in this way could take a leaf out of Share Creative’s book. They use Mailchimp for managing the newsletter – a free and brilliant tool for anyone wanting to use email marketing – great for charities especially.

You can subscribe to this brilliant newsletter here.


One comment

  1. Very creative. We use mailchimp as well (though not quite done as well!) each week.

    I do think that it can depend on who you are focussing on as to whether this style works best or not. I suspect for our parishioners they would prefer to just read the text (or maybe that’s just me trying to convince myself!).


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