Journey through the Passion with us on #easterjourneys – 14 meditations for Good Friday

This year I have organised a number of people to contribute to a series of meditations on the Passion of Christ using the traditional Stations of the Cross but presenting them using new media.

You can view all the meditations by clicking on the links below.

Stations of the Cross

Image kindly created by Nick Morgan

Journey with Jesus and the disciples this Good Friday through the Passion of Christ and meditate on that holy day what the cross means.

Each of these ‘stations’ will be links to a meditation on a different part of the journey, click on these to take part on Good Friday:

  1. Jesus is condemned to death – presented by James Prescott

  2. Jesus takes up the cross – presented by Claire Gray

  3. Jesus stumbles the first time – presented by Bryony Taylor

  4. Jesus encounters His mother – presented by Bryony Taylor

  5. Simon of Cyrene is forced to carry Jesus’ cross – presented by Bex Lewis

  6. Veronica wipes Jesus’ face with a cloth – presented by Nick Morgan

  7. Jesus stumbles the second time – presented by Bryony Taylor

  8. Jesus speaks with the women of Jerusalem – presented by Bryony Taylor

  9. Jesus falls a third time – presented by Bryony Taylor

  10. The soldiers strip Jesus for crucifixion – presented by Bryony Taylor

  11. The soldiers crucify Jesus – presented by Robb and Ruth Sutherland

  12. Jesus dies – presented by Kathryn Rose

  13. Joseph of Arimathea Takes Jesus down from the Cross – presented by Zoe A

  14. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus Lay Jesus in the Tomb – presented by James Robinson

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