Celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary – 10 things that didn’t exist when we got married in 2001!


I am so happy to be celebrating 10 very happy years of marriage to Paul (Baz) Taylor!

We got married on 27th October 2001.

To mark this celebration I wanted to list 10 things that didn’t exist when we got married, just to show how technology has totally transformed the way we live:

  1. The iPod
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Broadband & wifi
  5. Camera phones (hence we don’t have very many photos from our wedding day!)
  6. Nintendo Wii
  7. Digital Television
  8. 3D cinema (new version)
  9. YouTube
  10. e-book readers – eg. Kindle

Oh wow, I can’t really believe these things just weren’t around when we got married – 10 years is not a very long time but it is while we live through the digital revolution! It would be interesting to see, for example, what changed from 1973 to 1983 – the first 10 years of my parents’ marriage.

Even weirder is that the job I do now as a social media consultant didn’t exist when we got married!

Can you add any more things to the list?

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