I love it when two of my interests come together: To Kill a King band talk to primary school kids

Correspondence with minors, part 1

Here???s a little something to banish the Monday blues???At To Kill A King HQ we have just embarked on am unusual and highly entertaining project. Ben???s girlfriend is a primary school teacher and as part of her pupil???s English lessons she has set them the task of writing to us. Here are the best bits so far, with Ben???s replies in italics.

27th June 2011

Dear To kill a king,

How are you? We are feeling fantastic but not at school. How many instruments do you have altogether? Maybe you have 5 or 10 but Miss Wilson has a lot more. We have a lot of fun in year 3 our names are Harley, Emil, CJ, Ibrahim, Mustafa, Berzy, Yarah, Noor and Cheyanne.

We always have the best assemblies!

reply quickly

from year 3


Tue, Jun 28, 2011

Dear Harley, Emil, CJ, Ibrahim, Mustafa, Berzy, Yarah, Noor and Cheyanne,

Thank you very much for your letter. I am glad you have a lot of fun in Year 3. We have ten instruments. They are three acoustic guitars, two electric guitars, two bass guitars, two keyboards and a drum kit. I???m impressed if Miss Wilson has more than that! She must be a great music teacher. We really like playing music and we like singing too. It is fun but it is also hard work. When it is hot like today we get very sweaty. Our names are Ben, Jon, Ian, Ralph and Josh.

Do you like singing? What is your favourite song?

Yours sincerely,

To Kill A King


28th June 2011


Dear Ben, Jon, Ian, Ralph and Josh,

Thank you very much for your letter. I like singing at home but not at
school. My favourite song is Give thanks to Alllah.

We watched your song called colour me in we all liked it nice job. Colour
me In is the best and I like that it is set on the beach. It???s in Cornwall and thats my favourite place. Do you think you are better singers than Micheal Jackson? Who are you role models?

How many albums do you have?

from nice Year 3



Dear Year 3,

Thanks for your reply. I???m glad you liked watching ???Colour Me In???. I also think Cornwall is one of my favourite places. Another one of my favourite places is my bedroom because I have all of my posters in there.

 I do not think we are better singers than Michael Jackson (RIP) but that is because Michael Jackson (RIP) is one of the greatest singers known to man. We have many role models for example Anna Kournikova. She is a Russian tennis player. She is very good at tennis and she has long blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sea. We have a poster of Anna Kournikova on our wall where we rehearse our songs. We do not have any albums yet but we are working to make one.

Thanks again for your letter,

Nice To Kill A King

P.S. What is your favourite food?


I love it when two interests come together!

To Kill A King are my friend Ralph’s excellent band. One of the band members’ girlfriends is a teacher and has encouraged her pupils to write to the band as part of their homework! I’ve been writing about how brilliant blogs are for teaching and learning and this demonstrates that nicely!

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