Something to think and pray about this week | Sacred Space

As the Christian year unfolds beyond Easter, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday, in many of our Church traditions we are invited to commemorate at this time the gift of the Eucharist (Corpus Christi). For as life moves forward, and we continue our journey, the Eucharist, where the Body and Blood of the Lord is blessed and shared out for us, becomes the food giving us nourishment and strength for all the challenges coming our way. Indeed, as we saw, we share in the table of hospitality to which we are invited by the Most Holy Trinity (Rublev). And even if, just now, I do not actually partake in the Eucharist itself, still I am at this moment mystically present at that table. I am a guest there, or at least being invited there. So my prayer is always Eucharistic. And – drawn into Trinitarian life, nourished there by love poured out in Jesus, through his giving us his whole life in his Body and Blood – we are ourselves in some sense a Eucharistic gift, as we allow our lives to be shared out, as a blessing for others.

I liked this thought of the week from today.

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