Stations of the Resurrection by Si Smith – at Pudsey Parish Church


At church on Sunday we had the privilege of seeing 10 of Si Smith’s inspirational and moving ‘stations of the resurrection’. These are currently on display at Pudsey Parish Church ( and there are apparently more to come.

Leeds based artist Si Smith created these for CPAS (…. Each resurrection scene is depicted in modern day Leeds.

These images, although cartoon-like, are incredibly moving, all the more so if you live in Leeds and recognise the scenes. I particularly liked the scene of Jesus hitch hiking from the entrance to Harewood House in the Road to Emmaus. The image above shows Mary arriving at the empty tomb.

If you have time, do try and pop in to Pudsey Parish to see these incredible images, each one has little details that you only notice after a long look. For example, the station of Jesus’ first appearance to the disciples in the upper room shows the men sitting around almost finished fish and chips – recalling that Jesus eats a ‘piece of broiled fish’ in front of them.

More information can be found on Si Smith’s blog here:…

And his website here:

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