Pray for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami

Tsunami warning for the Pacific

11 March 2011

Christian Aid and partners are holding a watching brief as a tsunami warning is issued for the Pacific region after a devastating earthquake hit Japan.

At this point in time our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan which has been devastated by an earthquake earlier today.

Christian Aid partners in the Philippines are already helping to evacuate the most vulnerable coastal communities as they brace themselves for a tsunami wave at least one metre high along the east coast. It’s expected to hit at around 11am GMT today.  

Support those who are suffering and those who are working hard to save lives by joining with us in prayer.

Pray with us

O God, our refuge and strength,

our help in times of trouble.

Have mercy on the lands where the earth has given way.

Have mercy on the lands where the weather has destroyed livelihoods.

Prosper those who rebuild houses,
and strengthen those who rebuild hope
so that entire communities
may face the future without fear.


I don’t know how to pray for this, but we turn to God at this difficult time.

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