Advent-ure Calendar – Happy New Year!

I’ve really enjoyed writing the Advent-ure Calendar blog. It’s been a great spiritual discipline and I’ve enjoyed being able to share this with all of you!

The YouVersion bible reading plan was very interesting. I did get a little frustrated with not knowing how long the readings would be each day but apart from that I liked the variety and challenge of the different bible readings.

I should take this opportunity to recommend the YouVersion Bible app for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and online. The app is free and there are loads of translations of the Bible available – I used mine at church a few weeks ago when we wanted to see what a different translation said.

I am planning to do a blog similar to this for Lent in 2011 so if you have any ideas then please send them my way either by commenting below this post or emailing me. I would love feedback on length of posts, the theme I should choose etc.

Look out for the Lent blog in 2011 and do keep in touch with me:

God bless you as you anticipate a New Year and another fresh start.

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