Object #21 signed copy of Deliriou5? Album King of Fools on cassette 1996


I don’t remember getting this album signed at all. I did see them live about 4 times between 1996 & 1999. We were a bit deluded at university about Delirious? We naively thought that if we bought enough copies of their singles that they would go to number 1 and then Christians would appear cool & be part of the mainstream. In the end their best music was always their worship music not their attempt at indie rock. I still have a great affection for them though and they are still amazing to see live. I believe that they recently split up. Stu G has done some solo stuff I think.

By the way, Delirious is supposed to be written with the question mark! Don’t ask me why, I think they were trying to be mysterious.

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