Simple internet tips for beginners – 3 short videos

I have made 3 short videos recently which demonstrate different tips for using the internet. I have written these with complete beginners in mind. If there are any particular videos you’d like me to make, do let me know!

  • Did you know you can personalise your homepage?
  • Did you know you can have more than one homepage?
  • Do you know how to use ‘tabs’? This is all explained here:

A simple guide to setting up a personalised homepage (5 minutes):

  • Do you know what all those little icons are near articles you read on the web?
  • Do you know how to easily share things you find online on Facebook or Twitter?
  • This shows you how this works:

A simple guide to sharing things on the internet with friends (5 minutes):

  • Want to attend a conference but can’t afford it?
  • Do you know how a hashtag works?
  • This¬†explains how to ‘attend’ conferences via Twitter:

How to use Twitterfall to follow conferences and events on Twitter (2 minutes):

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