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5 of the best things I’ve learnt online this Summer

Since I try and use my blog as a place for my own reflective practice, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been learning recently online.

Best new application

I discovered this summer. The site works much in the same way as The Twitter Times by creating your own online newspaper based on tweets from the people you follow on Twitter. I have been telling lots of people how helpful Twitter Times is for a while and then came along. is similar but looks a bit funkier. The best thing about it, however, is that you can tell it to send out an automated tweet every day when a new version of your paper is available to view:

This is a great way to promote yourself, your interests and your interesting Twitter friends! The best thing that’s ever happened to me on Twitter happened this week as a result of one of these auto tweets. Margaret Atwood, my favourite author, RETWEETED me! I couldn’t believe it. This one is staying in my favourites for ever:

I’m still totally starstruck by this! So even if you’re not keen on the app, who knows, you may get retweeted by a celebrity!

Best video

I’ve watched a few videos this Summer but this one so far is my favourite. It’s Clay Shirky (a renowned new media/internet expert) talking about what he calls Cognitive Surplus. It’s basically about the power of the internet and social media tools to change the world for good. It’s inspirational and a brilliant argument for engagement in social media.  I’m going to start using it in my training sessions I think.

Best blog

Not work-related this time, but the TV reviews and other funny articles on Hilary Wardle’s blog, Brainsquawks are hilarious. I especially enjoyed her take on the BBC’s brilliant Sherlock . I got into this blog after I saw Hilary’s amazing Twitterthon raising money for Marie Curie.

Best learning-related article

I was intrigued to read about Mark Sample’s framework for teaching with Twitter. I think this is really useful and could have a lot of applications.

Best slideshow

Steve Wheeler’s blog is always worth a read and recently I came across one of his excellent presentations on Slideshare. I hope he adds some audio too. This one is called Web 3.0, the way forward:

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