Trying not to compartmentalise

Me through a water feature at Alnwick Garden

One of the reasons I set up this blog was to try and be true to myself and bring all the things that motivate me into one place. Some people have said, ‘what’s your blog about?’ I was initially tempted to have a blog that was just about my Christian walk, but I realised that it’s all too easy to separate your life into different compartments – which then don’t touch each other. This felt somewhat disingenuous, to have a ‘faith’ blog that didn’t touch on other parts of my life, work, music, books, films.

When I was at Greenbelt I went to a talk by @bounder about internet memes and social media. There was some discussion about how people set up different twitter accounts for the different sides of their personality – one that’s a ‘grumpy me’ and one that’s a ‘professional me’. I can see why people might do this but it worried me. I find it hard enough not to put my life in boxes, ‘this is the church me’, ‘this is the work me’, ‘this is the drunk me’. If I want to be true to myself and true to God I have to recognise that all the different areas of my life contribute to who I am. Of course there is appropriate behaviour in different contexts but I would hate for people to say ‘Bryony’s so different when she’s at church’ or ‘Bryony would never say that at work’.

This is why I will equally tweet about something very silly, a joke and then minutes later tweet about something I heard at church or whatever.

I don’t know whether it’s necessarily the right thing to do but I’d rather be the same Bryony in whatever context, otherwise, one day, two or three different Bryonys may bump into each other one day and say ‘who are you?’


  1. Yes Byrony, Christ must be the head of everything we are…. For without Him…. We are nothing. So we must put a watch at the door of our minds and be careful what enters in. Through books or media or friends. Never compromise.
    Watch. Listen. Wait on the Lord. If we all lived by the pattern that you laid out in your expansion of Sarum Primer, what a wonderful world it would be.
    Thanx for that


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